The Most Beautiful Video Proposal

When my son proposed to his girlfriend, it was the most creative proposal I had ever seen. He told me he got the idea from social media, as he had seen a video of someone from a different country propose in the same manner. He really liked it, and he decided that he was going to surprise his girlfriend in the same way. He had to first find a Singapore video production company that would be able to create the perfect video for him. He works in a cinema and got special permission from his boss to show the video on one of the screens before the main film started.

The company he hired to create the perfect video for him did just that. Continue reading “The Most Beautiful Video Proposal”

Started to Work on Our App

We have just started work on an app development project, although obviously we are not going to be able to do the job in house. Instead we are looking for someone who can collaborate with us closely. The first people we talked to about the job was an app developer in Singapore, but that just did not seem practical. Of course you can go on various video chat apps and talk to the guy face to face, but we really did not see that this was going to work. We are looking for something that works in a very specific way and has a direct link with our clients, who are contractors. Continue reading “Started to Work on Our App”

Products Can Be Made of Hundreds of Parts and Any One of Them Can Become a Problem

It takes thousands of hours to develop a product. You can have technicians on your team that are the best at what they do, and you can still end up with one annoying under-performing design on one part that can ruin a product. We have a reputation in our product industry of providing top quality products. However, a single rubber seal on the window of one product was leaking. We contacted a company that does epdm sponge rubber bulb trim seals to look a the design and make improvements. Not only that, the company knew what global manufacturers to use to make the new seal.

Consumers of the products we make do not know what goes into making them. And, I suppose, they should not have to. They are just paying for a product that works. We analyzed the chemical composition of the failed seals with samples that are intact. Continue reading “Products Can Be Made of Hundreds of Parts and Any One of Them Can Become a Problem”

Board Challenge

  1. Board Challenge Resecurity for any board examination (PSC,JSC, SSC, HSC).






  3. Inspire a love of reading with two Learning Friends figures and a board book Turn pages and follow along to Hippo and Panda Play Soccer board book As Hippo and Panda play soccer, they learn about teamwork Teaches about helping others, self-esteem and books & print Ages 2+ years






  5. Here we show how to make a QUALITY balance board on the cheap!






  7. Sorry if it’s to quiet im working on getting music for my videos comment if if you know how






  9. Board tarántula x6 –







  11. Inspire a love of reading with two Learning Friends figures and a board book Turn pages and follow along to Owl and Parrot on an Adventure board book As Owl and Parrot fly through their neighborhood, they learn about their community Teaches about Neighborhoods & Communities, Word Sounds & Rhymes, Books & Print Ages 2+ years




Best of Filipino Fail Funny Video on the Month of July 2015 in HD

  1. Best Fail Ever 😀 😛 And Add me on fb







  3. Con tito roke y gualo







  5. This is my first video, it was somewhat a fail XD













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Executive Administrative Assistant with Security Clearance

What do students usually do in DORM?? Check it out. Thank you for Watching. Don’t forget to Subscribe, Like, Comment, and Share.

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-Happy Background music by Sophonic Media,
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  1. Executive Administrative Assistant with Security Clearance

    TAD PGS, INC. is currently seeking an Executive Administrative Assistant for 1 of our clients in Washington DC.

    **Per Government Sector, U.S. Citizenship is required

    ** Top Secret Security Clearance with an in-scope SSBI for SCI eligibility is required

    Company Description:

    We design, develop, and sustain offerings that empower diplomatic missions, support war fighter qualifications, and advance exploration from the ocean floor to outer space. We maintain leadership positions in supply chain management, hardware integration, and global network integration. We do all this with the constant and deliberate commitment to ethical performance and integrity that has marked our company since its founding.

    Job details:

    *Senior level editorial, briefing and presentation development

    *Help set and manage office priorities

    *Manage project areas and tracks budgets related to travel, gifts, office procedures; tracking schedules and analyzing priorities; and analyzing data for further action



    Washington, USA




  3. Secretary I with Security Clearance


    Provide principal secretarial support in an office, usually to 1 individual, and, in some cases, also



    Washington, USA




  5. Paid CDL Truck Driver Training in our Get Your CDL Program

    , and you’ll get into a truck with a Certified Driver Trainer (usually about fifteen days).

    When you

    Price: $ 50,000


    Raymond, USA




  7. Paid CDL Truck Driver Training in our Get Your CDL Program

    , and you’ll get into a truck with a Certified Driver Trainer (usually about fifteen days).

    When you

    Price: $ 50,000


    Watseka, USA




  9. Paid CDL Truck Driver Training in our Get Your CDL Program

    , and you’ll get into a truck with a Certified Driver Trainer (usually about fifteen days).

    When you

    Price: $ 50,000


    Odell, USA




  11. Paid CDL Truck Driver Training in our Get Your CDL Program

    , and you’ll get into a truck with a Certified Driver Trainer (usually about fifteen days).

    When you

    Price: $ 50,000


    Mason City, USA




The Oasis of Cooling off

I own a shop that sells smoothies to everyone in the community. I started the business 5 years ago to a slow start, but now everyone comes to me for a cool drink, even in the winter. Summer is almost here, and I may need to get repairs to my HVAC in NYC because the air conditioner has been acting strange. The customers will come to me when they want to escape the heat, and I can’t have them sweating and their drinks melting while they are trying to cool down. The customers might look for somewhere else to cool off.

I have some new flavors that I want to try out on the customers this summer. Most people are used to the standard fruits in their smoothies, like strawberries, bananas, oranges, pineapples, and occasionally blueberries. Continue reading “The Oasis of Cooling off”

Hudson Mohawke

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  2. Hudson Mohawke
    Event on 2016-04-19 20:00:00
    with A.G. Cook
    Ross Birchard is one of the most exciting record producers to come out of Scotland in the last ten years, seducing rap-heads and ravers alike with his neon-lit R&B and warehouse smashing low-end beats. Now, as the unlikely poster boy for a new generation of genre-mangling UK artists, he's touring his live festival & club shows across the globe & producing for chart- topping urban-pop names like Kanye West, Drake and Azealia Banks.Hip Hop has always been at Birchards beating heart. A champion DJ by 15 he emerged in his late teens as Hudson Mohawke, a founding member of the record label LuckyMe at the creative nexus of Glasgow's electronic scene – a neo-noir comic book character determined to redefine the 'super producer': a role where the underground is the mainstream and the rule book fits in 140 characters or less.He is certainly on course. HudMo, as he is affectionately known, quickly became Glasgows secret weapon; signing album deals from early demos with the gold standard of electronic music Warp Records. Among the ranks of Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, Squarepusher, Flying Lotus and fellow LuckyMe cohort Rustie, he continues to perfect his sound: classic soul samples siphoned through bombastic air horns, heart-aching top line melody floating above rattling half-time tempos. A truly modern artist belonging to true-hip hops lineage, but equally inspired by the pop/soul hybrids of Quincy Jones. The main room happy hardcore rave and the deep, dark roots of techno are all viscerally acknowledged in this music – even at it's most pop.Hudson Mohawke has been a name present in hotlists since his first LP outting 'Butter' back in 2009, but it appears 2012 is his brightest yet. New credits seem to emerge daily from the highest ranks of the majors. He's tasted the US Billboard charts with one of the years best received EPs as TNGHT (alongside Montreal's Lunice). With recent love from Rolling Stone, Fader, NME, Spin, The Guardian, Dazed, The Independent, Vice, Notion, XLR8R, Fact & many more – Hudson Mohawke maintains that holy ground between cult DJ and arena-smashing producer. He packs out shows from Shoreditch to SXSW causing avid moshpits and roadblock queues to a young, smart and open minded audience. Who else today unites the affections of Kanye West to Bjork, Just Blaze to Battles, Drake to Fourtet. This is no longer the hot name we're waiting for the world to catch up on – from the ground up to the top down people know Hudson Mohawke is ready to change the game.

    at Echoplex
    1154 Glendale Boulevard
    Los Angeles, United States

  3. Clock Tower Bar Crawl
    Event on 2016-04-07 08:30:00
    The fun starts on an unprecedented Two and a Half hour drinking feast that offers our crawlers a broad range of drinks to choose from. From beer, wine, rum, vodka, and sangria, to the widely renowned absinth that is more likely to make you do funny/scary faces than to make your heart grow fonder, our friendly staff will serve you all. To give your liver a rest, you will also be able to savor the fruity taste of our hookah pipes, completely free.

    When were done drinking up, smoking in, and embraced new found friendships with fellow travelers, we are good and ready to move the crawl party to the heart of the Capitals nightlife scene. Clock Tower Bar Crawl prides itself for its uncanny skill to avoid touristic traps, and ridiculous prices, by bringing its crowd to where the locals party and drink.

    With our guides no Man is left behind! They will make sure you get around the city on a timely and safely manner. During our dwellings, we visit 4 Clubs/Bars all with Very Important People free entry. That means NO QUEUES, and NO FEES. And the bars staff will even greet you with a welcome shot, just to make sure your inebriation, or tipsiness, doesnt fade away.

    This epic event occurs every single day, 365 days of the year. Let it be snow, rain, sun, or weird looking comets falling off the sky. If youre there, we will be there too, to party with you.
    Clock Tower Bar Crawl is the longest running bar crawl in the Czech Republic. More than 88,674 people, on 2331 bar crawls, have come down to party with us, and earn the right to call themselves a Crawler. If you want proven documentation of your accomplishment, look for our photographer, taking snaps of your journey. It is probably the only way to remind you of, the greatest night you will never remember.

    at Propaganda
    Michalsk 432/12
    Prague, Czech Republic

  4. Nada Surf
    Event on 2016-05-22 19:00:00
    with Prism Tats
    YOU KNOW WHO YOU AREHaving recorded five albums in ten years and toured extensively in support of all of them, Nada Surf singer/guitarist Matthew Caws, bassist Daniel Lorca, drummer Ira Elliot and guitarist Doug Gillard (now official fourth member, more on that later) opted to follow 2012s cracking The Stars Are Indifferent To Astronomy with a brief but well-earned hiatus. So in January 2015, when Caws informed Nada Surfs vociferous Facebook following that a new record was just about done, the news was greeted with explosive enthusiasm. The music was in the can, he announced, and all that remained was to finish up a few lyrics and sing a few vocals; something he planned to do on off-days off during an upcoming solo acoustic tour. Caws even included a photo of the recording set-up he was bringing in the car. I was so eager to have an album done that I believed in it as it was, Caws recalls. But the great thing about being 'finished' is that you can take a breath and evaluate, because the pressure to 'do it' is gone. The more I listened and thought about it, the more I realized that I might want to keep working. Also, I'd sent the tracks to my friend Josh, who runs Barsuk Records, the label weve been on since 2002, and he said 'It's great,' but followed that with a pregnant pause. I got the message. I didn't take that as a critique as much as a belief that I could do better. It was very freeing, Caws continues. There were already a bunch of songs in the can that we all liked, so I could think more expansively about what the album could be." Caws instinct to heed his inner editorial voice proved to be spot on: he dropped a few songs, tweaked others, and wrote a few more that, definitely feel different from what weve done before, he says. Believe Youre Mine was rejiggered and sped up, while Cold To See Clear originally penned for a collaboration to be named later with Michael Lerner of Telekinesis was deemed a better fit for Nada Surf. Just before starting You Know Who You Are, Caws had gone to Los Angeles to write with Dan Wilson, who in addition to his success with Semisonic, has won two Grammy Awards for his songs with Adele and the Dixie Chicks. They weren't writing for anyone in particular, they just wanted to see what would happen. Caws felt so good about Rushing and Victory's Yours," that he asked Wilson if he could include them on the new Nada Surf album. Wilson gave the green light, and even offered to contribute backing vocals. When the band returned to Hoboken, NJ for another round of sessions with producer/guitarist Tom Beaujour (Jennifer O'Connor, Amy Bezunartea), the songs were tracked. And lo and behold, what would have been another really good Nada Surf album (their seventh since getting signed to a major in the go-go 90's and scoring a worldwide alterna-hit with Popular) became what could well be the most representative collection of the groups two-decade career, all while pushing towards whatever comes next. While the band has always had a surplus of horsepower for velocity rockers and an astounding level of confidence live, they've been gaining the discipline and finesses to change gears, more so with each release. Captured in the albums 10 tracks is every beloved facet of the band, but You Know Who You Are also finds much on offer that stands apart from anything previously heard in the bands diverse catalog. Animal is a stream-of-consciousness Dylan-by-way-of-the-Stones existential love song, while Gold Sounds somehow manages to be equal parts Krautrock and folk rock. The latter track had its genesis in a South By Southwest queue as Caws made small talk with a fellow gig-goer who turned out to be General Manager at St. Louis independent, non-commercial KDHX. Caws was standing with sometime touring Nada Surf keyboard player and occasional mixing collaborator Louie Lino, now running Resonate Studio in Austin. "Maybe we should make you a jingle, Caws suggested.If you do, well play the shit out it!Unable to resist the challenge, Caws and Lino banged out a classic radio theme song for KDHX Program Director Chris Bays weekly Gold Soundz broadcast. The tune snuck into band practice and then morphed at the Nuthouse from a 30-second ditty into something else altogether, thanks in large part to Elliot's hypnotic beat and the wild twinkly magic contributed by Gillard. "I still don't understand how he did that," Caws says. "Its like Zeppelin flutes played by a unicorn." Gold Sounds serves as an ideal reminder if one is required that Caws might be the tunesmith and man up front, but Nada Surf is now and has always been very much a band.I may write the songs," Caws says, "but we put them together together.Some of the new sonic diversity must be due to Gillard's ever-growing presence, touring with the band since 2010, but a newly official fourth member. While he recorded a lot of overdubs on the last two albums, this time Doug was involved from the first practices onward. Known for his vaunted chops and keen melodic sense, honed as a member of such iconic Ohio outfits as Guided By Voices, Death of Samantha, and Cobra Verde, Gillard adds spark, heft and heightened interplay to Caws personal, prismatic songcraft, making a sound that was already melody-rich and hook-filled even richer. After taking a detour with 2013's Minor Alps collaboration with Juliana Hatfield, his first after thirty years of writing songs, Caws has returned as a writer more willing than ever to follow wherever his gut takes him. Nada Surf are chasing their own worlds, their own kind of connections with listeners. Sometimes it feels like, to our audience at least, we are two or three different bands at once, Caws concludes. It seems some people are looking to feel better, for encouragement getting over their obstacles, for help figuring life out not that I've done that myself, other people are looking for love songs, and then some others just want to rock.You know who you are

    at The Irenic
    3090 Polk Avenue

  1. Since you guys fucking hate that snail game so much I decided to turn back to, ENJOY PLEBS ! ! ! oh yeah and smash that like button if you support AGAR.IO SO FKING MUCH?!?!?!?!?

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    ATB – Ecstasy (ARMNHMR & DATHAN Remix) –







  3. 205 parliamentarians have signed a statement which supports the national missile program as well as the missile drills conducted by the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps with an aim to boost the countrys defense power. During military exercises last month, Iran test-fired several missiles, two of which had a range of two-thousand kilometers. That drew reactions from the US and its allies which claim the launches breach a UN Security Council resolution passed to endorse a nuclear deal with Iran. Iran says its missile program is solely defensive and that its neither negotiable nor subject to compromise.

    Watch Live:







  5. Dota 2 EMPIRE Strikes Back! – Empire Ad Finem ESL Frankfurt
    Commentary: @durkadota & @MotPax







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  9. Leonardo DiCaprio lacked complete information when he criticized the environmental impact of Indonesias palm-oil industry on a recent visit to the Sumatran rainforests, according to the countrys environment and forestry minister, Dr. Siti Nurbaya Bakar. Bakar also voiced her appreciation for the Oscar-winning actor s concern about the nations ailing rainforests and denied reports that he would be banned from the country over his tweets. We look at the response to DiCaprios activism on the Lip News with Jo Ankier and Nik Zecevic.

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    The Journalists:

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    MEDIA MAYHEM short videos playlist –







  11. This weeks theme on SGG is the Back Extension Roll Challenge. See how many back rolls or back extension rolls you can do in this 60 second Gymnastics Challenge.

    For a chance to get a shoutout in next weeks video comment what your favorite skill is to do on bars.

    Thanks for watching.
    XO Zo

  12. This patient came to see my husband recently but I have seen him in the past (he has had skin cancers which I have removed via Mohs Micrographic Surgery technique.
    Dr Rebish noticed many blackheads on his back during a recent skin exam, and re-booked him with me just to remove as many of these blackheads as we could, which I was happy to oblige…

    April 5, 2016 NOTE: We removed the video that was published earlier today because the camera work was very shaky. We will see if we can fix this and republish it again later!

    Thank you for watching!!

    For more content, exclusive content, and of course to get your Dr. Pimple Popper schwag, visit us at!

    @DrPimplePopper for 24/7 pops
    @DrSandraLee for my work, my life, my pops


    Twitter: @SandraLeeMD

    Snapchat: drpimplepopper

    Periscope: Dr. Sandra Lee

    This video may contain dermatologic surgical and/or procedural content. The content seen in this video is provided only for medical education purposes and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

More People Can Make Great Websites Now Than Ever Before

I used to be called upon by people wanting an inexpensive website. I would help them get started and show them how to continue on their own. I discovered that most people were not interested in educating themselves on what they needed to know to manage their websites. They wanted one, they wanted it cheap, and they wanted someone to take care of the whole thing for them. Well, you cannot have all that and have it be inexpensive. For those who really did want a website they could manage content on, I liked it when cPanel server management was more widely available. To just point and click your way through tasks that used to require knowledge of Linux command line codes is a whole lot easier.

I still have some people that want me to do everything from build the site to creating content. I cannot do that cheaply. Continue reading “More People Can Make Great Websites Now Than Ever Before”