More People Can Make Great Websites Now Than Ever Before

I used to be called upon by people wanting an inexpensive website. I would help them get started and show them how to continue on their own. I discovered that most people were not interested in educating themselves on what they needed to know to manage their websites. They wanted one, they wanted it cheap, and they wanted someone to take care of the whole thing for them. Well, you cannot have all that and have it be inexpensive. For those who really did want a website they could manage content on, I liked it when cPanel server management was more widely available. To just point and click your way through tasks that used to require knowledge of Linux command line codes is a whole lot easier.

I still have some people that want me to do everything from build the site to creating content. I cannot do that cheaply. However, I do now have others who are great with the content they want on their websites, but they are just not great in creating the look they want or managing the back end. This is where things such as cPanel server management makes it easier. I can quickly teach them the tasks they need to perform, and by them taking a few notes I do not get calls asking for help again. They go on to even learn more than what I taught them.

I try to encourage those who have small businesses or personal reasons for websites to get involved with their websites more. If you have an unlimited budget, then pay someone to do it all if you wish. However, I do not like that when it comes to content. The content needs to be more than just about SEO. It has to be highly personal to the site. This is what is going to attract and keep traffic. All the social media likes and followers in the world cannot replace great content. You can give away stuff to get likes and followers, but you can only keep them if you have great content on your site. You can do more yourself now due to the ease of building and managing websites and their servers.

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