The Most Beautiful Video Proposal

When my son proposed to his girlfriend, it was the most creative proposal I had ever seen. He told me he got the idea from social media, as he had seen a video of someone from a different country propose in the same manner. He really liked it, and he decided that he was going to surprise his girlfriend in the same way. He had to first find a Singapore video production company that would be able to create the perfect video for him. He works in a cinema and got special permission from his boss to show the video on one of the screens before the main film started.

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Started to Work on Our App

We have just started work on an app development project, although obviously we are not going to be able to do the job in house. Instead we are looking for someone who can collaborate with us closely. The first people we talked to about the job was an app developer in Singapore, but that just did not seem practical. Of course you can go on various video chat apps and talk to the guy face to face, but we really did not see that this was going to work. We are looking for something that works in a very specific way and has a direct link with our clients, who are contractors. You have a job to do and you need a price on the materials, we want to make it very pain free. You would just take out a mobile device and use the proper input to describe what you were doing. In fact we are not sure that it is going to work that great on a really small screen.

At any rate we are looking for something that is very functional and precisely targeted to help our clients. We want to make it a lot easier for them to do business with us, but of course they are going to want to make it as safe as they possibly can. They will have to set up an account on it, but we are going to try to make it so that any private information they share with us is not available on the web. That sort of thing is where you are really vulnerable in fact, because you are not going to want to have that stuff out there for just any hacker in the whole world to get a hold of. So you have a lot of things you need to think about.

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Products Can Be Made of Hundreds of Parts and Any One of Them Can Become a Problem

It takes thousands of hours to develop a product. You can have technicians on your team that are the best at what they do, and you can still end up with one annoying under-performing design on one part that can ruin a product. We have a reputation in our product industry of providing top quality products. However, a single rubber seal on the window of one product was leaking. We contacted a company that does epdm sponge rubber bulb trim seals to look a the design and make improvements. Not only that, the company knew what global manufacturers to use to make the new seal.

Consumers of the products we make do not know what goes into making them. And, I suppose, they should not have to. They are just paying for a product that works. We analyzed the chemical composition of the failed seals with samples that are intact. The raw materials matched up, but some of the seals were leaking and some were not. We looked at the assembly process. We looked at products that were leaking and ones that were not. We took them apart and saw no problem with the assembly process. We even looked at where the products that were leaking were coming from. Did they have more wet weather? Was it hotter there or colder? The company that does custom rubber seals pinned it down to cold tolerance of the seal. If it was almost freezing and there was rain with wind, the seal would leak.

There was no changing the composition of the rubber to make it more cold tolerant. However, a slight modification in the shape of the product eliminated the leaking under even extreme conditions. We are now using the new design on new products and replacing old ones on products consumers already have. This was one part on one window of one product. We are happy to have had the help of the company that specializes in making custom rubber seals.

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