The Hidden Truth Behind Star Wars [Documentary]

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SPOILER ALERT!!! The Amazing Secret Behind Star Wars Movies!
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It may not be the only reason why the original Star Wars trilogy was a hit with adults and kids, but the straightforward story didn’t hurt. No need to get bogged down in politics or star systems, just know to root for the young rebels taking down the evil, planet-exploding Empire. As an added bonus, the movie’s hero managed to turn his father back to the light, taking down the villain together. Or did they? It’s a question that the new trilogy will probably answer, if The Force Awakens is anything to go by and YES, there will be SPOILERS. But to understand the real meaning of Star Wars, the studying the full saga is key – and if you catch the hidden story at its core, you might even guess what’s coming in the next chapter of the Star Wars universe. Keep in mind this is our theory and you will see that the proof we bring forward might make you see Star Wars in a whole different way… That’s the plan for our latest Docu Series, The Hidden Truth Behind Star Wars.

Script by: Andrew Dyce @andrewbdyce
Voice Over by: Ben Kendrick @benkendrick

Starting At The Middle | 1:07
The Real Story Of Anakin Skywalker | 2:02
Yin and Yang… and The Force | 3:58
The Force Awakens | 5:58
The Force’s True Purpose | 6:35

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